Are Libraries a Thing of The Past?

Do people still go to the library? Because any time I go there now, which admittedly is not that often, the only people I see is the man who's  napping in one of the chairs, the desperate moms trying to pry their kid's sticky hands from the books and the older couples browsing the old … Continue reading Are Libraries a Thing of The Past?


Because we should

The little things in life or big depending on perspective can sometimes be the hardest. Simply because we don't want to take the risk. Eye contact is hard Because it's awkward Because it's intense Because it's scary Public speaking is hard Because it's stressful Because it's nerve wracking Because it's scary Change is hard Because … Continue reading Because we should

Just A Day In My Life I Guess?

So I haven't written anything for a while. Ask me for a reason and I'm sure I could come up with a few lame excuses, but I'll save you the time. Truthfully though, I have wanted to, I just haven't felt the motivation or the inspiration. So in a desperate attempt to throw myself back … Continue reading Just A Day In My Life I Guess?

Imagination and Horror Movies

Sometimes really random things people have said to me at totally random times come back to haunt me. Well the use of haunt here is a bit of a pun but I mean they just kinda randomly pop into my brain. Today was one of those days when one of those thoughts decided to come … Continue reading Imagination and Horror Movies

The Outside

Flipped mind that only ever saw the opposite She was trapped outside the box Labels flew at her but she learned to cope Covered in others words, she began to carve herself into someone Refining her edges she realised that she was left a drift, apart from everyone else Isolation is a curse which some … Continue reading The Outside