New York, New York

This past weekend my family and I drove to New York for my sisters birthday. I'd been to New York once before, when I was six -so it's safe to say my memories weren't that great. Going there as a child I remembered New York in an almost gloomy light. I remembered the tall buildings, … Continue reading New York, New York



Those who have inspiration are lucky. Yet those who know what their inspiration is and how to tap into the infinite resource of it within each of us, are the luckiest. I believe that in all of us is an inspiration which won't run out. We just so often don't know how to reach it, … Continue reading Inspiration

Intelligence…and what does this say?

I remember once, in one of my "well being" classes, our teacher gave us the task of coming up with our own definition for what we think intelligence is. We weren't allowed to use the internet but in the least amount of words possible we had to come up with our own answer. A few … Continue reading Intelligence…and what does this say?

Imagination and Horror Movies

Sometimes really random things people have said to me at totally random times come back to haunt me. Well the use of haunt here is a bit of a pun but I mean they just kinda randomly pop into my brain. Today was one of those days when one of those thoughts decided to come … Continue reading Imagination and Horror Movies

Where is home?

Home is not a building. Home is not a city. No, home is not a location with coordinates you can get to. Home is a harbour within yourself. You may not always live in the same place or same country but you will always live in the same body,the same body of water, the same … Continue reading Where is home?

The Outside

Flipped mind that only ever saw the opposite She was trapped outside the box Labels flew at her but she learned to cope Covered in others words, she began to carve herself into someone Refining her edges she realised that she was left a drift, apart from everyone else Isolation is a curse which some … Continue reading The Outside