He loves me, He loves me not

The way you make me feel every indescribably spectacular feeling That constant morose ache in my chest The dazed smile that appears on its own accord My eyes full of yearning and pain The way I feel light yet heavy with fulfillment Those feelings I can't shake, that continue to bite The way I never … Continue reading He loves me, He loves me not


Windows and Mirrors

People can be mirrors and windows for each other But what do mirrors and windows really do? Do they show us something Or are they allusions we grasp onto for truths we need for reassurance Why are we constantly searching for ourselves? Why do we look at other people to show us something new We … Continue reading Windows and Mirrors


I'm afraid of being a cliché Just another overused idea or expression Because no matter how many people tell you "you can do it" They are simply lying to you until you make it a reality for yourself This is not a motivational speech   I'm rather cynical, sarcastic and pessimistic So I'm not going … Continue reading Originality

A Summer In Scotland

When I was 13 years old I enrolled in an intensive Summer camp. I’d read adventure novels and seen reality television about these sorts of camps and the idea of going somewhere which seemed to be able to transform people so entirely was appealing to me. The books and tv shows had definitely embellished on … Continue reading A Summer In Scotland


My day started like most other Thursdays. I got up to the sound of my too loud alarm and then sat in a heap of blankets for a while before heaving myself over the edge of my bed and really starting the day. I've taken to the rather unhealthy habit of having my breakfast be … Continue reading Thursday