We Are All Human, We Are All Flawed

We are all flawed and those flaws are as much a part of us as anything else. There are many ideas that our society has about these so called flaws, like that they are things that we should resent about ourselves, things that we should try and change and things that can are abnormal. However, … Continue reading We Are All Human, We Are All Flawed


The Disadvantages and Advantages of Dyslexia

Hello everyone, so yesterday I had to give a speech at a big conference about learning disabilities. It was very stressful and honestly there were a few times I felt like I was going to die, overall though I think it went quite well. This is a speech so of course it sounds a lot … Continue reading The Disadvantages and Advantages of Dyslexia

Word of the day #2

Jouska: A dialog or conversation which you compulsively think about or play out in your mind which is hypothetical.  The conversation/dialog can also sometimes be used by more reserved or closed off people as a way to have a more deep conversation or really any conversation they want to build a stronger psychological bond. You can re-shape and re-start … Continue reading Word of the day #2

Writing and Speaking

I'm not a writer, I'm a speaker. Or at least a speaker in my head. As you can probably tell from this post and all the other ones I have written, my grammar skills are lacking, my spelling is mostly only ever correct due to my best friend auto correct and my sentence structure and … Continue reading Writing and Speaking