The Newspaper

A fair assumption one can make from reading my blog is that I enjoy the English language. Hmm... that sentence doesn't really sound all that natural. I enjoy utilizing the tools of the English language to convey a message and use it to gather new information? Nope, that really doesn't sound any better. That actually … Continue reading The Newspaper


Book Talks and Being a Writer

This morning I was roused from my much-needed slumber to attend a book festival. One of my favorite authors was going to be doing a Q+A session on her new book, this being the only reason I budged. Sadly I had now known about this until a day prior so I was unable to read … Continue reading Book Talks and Being a Writer

Are Libraries a Thing of The Past?

Do people still go to the library? Because any time I go there now, which admittedly is not that often, the only people I see is the man who's  napping in one of the chairs, the desperate moms trying to pry their kid's sticky hands from the books and the older couples browsing the old … Continue reading Are Libraries a Thing of The Past?

Rumble, Ellen Hopkins

Ellen Hopkins will forever be one of my favorite authors. She is most certainly not for everyone, but I happen to find her style enthralling, gritty and irresistible. Here are the opening few poems of one of her books Rumble:   "Between the gray of consciousness and the obsidian where dreams ebb and flow, there … Continue reading Rumble, Ellen Hopkins

Being In Love, A Poem By Eden Streit

Being in love means hard questions. Will I? Won't I? Should I? Could I? Yes? No?                                                    you? Me? There is no me without you. Is there a you without     … Continue reading Being In Love, A Poem By Eden Streit

Another Planet by Dunya Mikhail (Summary and Analysis)

Link to Poem: here Summary: Another planet is a poem about obviously, another planet which our protagonist has a "special ticket to". She describes this planet through the ways that it is different to her planet now (assumed to be Earth). This poem is basically just a description of this planet, there isn't really much more to … Continue reading Another Planet by Dunya Mikhail (Summary and Analysis)