Rumble, Ellen Hopkins

Ellen Hopkins will forever be one of my favorite authors. She is most certainly not for everyone, but I happen to find her style enthralling, gritty and irresistible. Here are the opening few poems of one of her books Rumble:   "Between the gray of consciousness and the obsidian where dreams ebb and flow, there … Continue reading Rumble, Ellen Hopkins


5 things about you and biology

We only share biology class together but how fitting that is because love is just the collision of our chemistry and brain love is science   but I don't love you I don't know you   But I know you're French and you're so attractive you make me uncomfortable sitting next to you, and you … Continue reading 5 things about you and biology

Because we should

The little things in life or big depending on perspective can sometimes be the hardest. Simply because we don't want to take the risk. Eye contact is hard Because it's awkward Because it's intense Because it's scary Public speaking is hard Because it's stressful Because it's nerve wracking Because it's scary Change is hard Because … Continue reading Because we should

She Knows

Ink on a page She begins to understand Writing isn't about the big words you use Nor is it about the complex devices It's about clarity It's about the writer as a person It's not about the pen   Suitcase zipped She cries about leaving But she knows Moving isn't about destination It's about new … Continue reading She Knows

How To Be Alone

About 6 months ago I stumbled across my now favourite poem. It touches on a subject I never thought i could feel such a deep connection to. The subject of being alone these days is so often ignored or over looked. Yet in this society -from what I see there is an ever increasing need … Continue reading How To Be Alone

You forgot my demolishion

You smile And you don't worry about how you look You don't worry about everyone remembering you at your worst When their eyes meet yours Because you never knew What that year did to me You never knew how you were witness to my demolition Instead you forgot And being forgotten is not the worst … Continue reading You forgot my demolishion