Windows and Mirrors

People can be mirrors and windows for each other But what do mirrors and windows really do? Do they show us something Or are they allusions we grasp onto for truths we need for reassurance Why are we constantly searching for ourselves? Why do we look at other people to show us something new We … Continue reading Windows and Mirrors



Thinking of you The days until I can try to impress you What to wear, how to appear How to make you think of me too Thinking of us Someday in the future If I managed to impress you Maybe then I'll be happy Thinking of myself All the things wrong with me My confidence … Continue reading Thinking


My day started like most other Thursdays. I got up to the sound of my too loud alarm and then sat in a heap of blankets for a while before heaving myself over the edge of my bed and really starting the day. I've taken to the rather unhealthy habit of having my breakfast be … Continue reading Thursday

New York, New York

This past weekend my family and I drove to New York for my sisters birthday. I'd been to New York once before, when I was six -so it's safe to say my memories weren't that great. Going there as a child I remembered New York in an almost gloomy light. I remembered the tall buildings, … Continue reading New York, New York

I’m not the sentimental type

I think I used to be. Writing page long accounts of how much people mean to me and reminiscing over all the memories we'd shared used to be something which I could do with quite a bit of ease. But then it started to get harder. Those things felt like they should be said maybe … Continue reading I’m not the sentimental type