With A Drink

With a martini in my hand, i'm ready to take a stand Here's to all those broken truths, the ones you didn't mean to shatter Here's to all the things I shouldn't have said, oh how alcohol makes them run through my head Sometimes what you say just gets too much, words so sweet but … Continue reading With A Drink


The Darkness of Death

Amongst the many stories untold i stand in this cemetery poised with words to say to those who can no longer listen, I drift The tombs with shorter gaps in date seem to have had more worth in death than in life the attention they always sought out finally given to their still corpse A … Continue reading The Darkness of Death

Please Don’t

Please don't catch me when I fall, because I want to be the one who knows how to pick herself up. Please don't whisper me sweet things, for I don't quite understand those words yet. Please don't tell me you love me because I have yet to learn what love really is. Please don't serenade … Continue reading Please Don’t