You forgot my demolishion

You smile And you don't worry about how you look You don't worry about everyone remembering you at your worst When their eyes meet yours Because you never knew What that year did to me You never knew how you were witness to my demolition Instead you forgot And being forgotten is not the worst … Continue reading You forgot my demolishion



I looked in the mirror today and saw someone else I saw you weren’t smiling today, so I didn’t too I got lost in the forest, but the forest was really just my thoughts I thought I leant something new, but nothing is new anymore I wrote a poem today but the poem wasn't from … Continue reading Today

Where is home?

Home is not a building. Home is not a city. No, home is not a location with coordinates you can get to. Home is a harbour within yourself. You may not always live in the same place or same country but you will always live in the same body,the same body of water, the same … Continue reading Where is home?

Hunger and Words

Hungry passion and vindictive words, I will never forget For the raven pecking at my heart won't go You uprooted my anchor and sent me adrift to an unforgiving tide Blazing sun and broken windows shed light to our mistakes You can't love if you are blinded by emotion and hands to your throat is enough … Continue reading Hunger and Words

The Tale of a Discarded

I sit with my fingers poised over the keyboard, ready to pour my soul out into the vast web I will start my poem the way true connection start, with the heart I will write the heart wrenching tale of a lost girl in a sea of thoughts so deep she drowned So from her … Continue reading The Tale of a Discarded