Being In Love, A Poem By Eden Streit

Being in love means hard questions. Will I? Won't I? Should I? Could I? Yes? No?                                                    you? Me? There is no me without you. Is there a you without     … Continue reading Being In Love, A Poem By Eden Streit


The Darkness of Death

Amongst the many stories untold i stand in this cemetery poised with words to say to those who can no longer listen, I drift The tombs with shorter gaps in date seem to have had more worth in death than in life the attention they always sought out finally given to their still corpse A … Continue reading The Darkness of Death

Hunger and Words

Hungry passion and vindictive words, I will never forget For the raven pecking at my heart won't go You uprooted my anchor and sent me adrift to an unforgiving tide Blazing sun and broken windows shed light to our mistakes You can't love if you are blinded by emotion and hands to your throat is enough … Continue reading Hunger and Words