I looked in the mirror today and saw someone else I saw you weren’t smiling today, so I didn’t too I got lost in the forest, but the forest was really just my thoughts I thought I leant something new, but nothing is new anymore I wrote a poem today but the poem wasn't from … Continue reading Today


Hunger and Words

Hungry passion and vindictive words, I will never forget For the raven pecking at my heart won't go You uprooted my anchor and sent me adrift to an unforgiving tide Blazing sun and broken windows shed light to our mistakes You can't love if you are blinded by emotion and hands to your throat is enough … Continue reading Hunger and Words

A Place In Your Heart

I have a habit of losing myself to other people, but I don't mind For I know that at least I will always be carried in some corner of their mind I will always be a part of their lives and that, that is something quite extraordinary So I meet all the people I can … Continue reading A Place In Your Heart

This Cold Night

My silent screams pierce the brooding night sky Every part of me aches for you For your touch, your softly woven words and the affirmation that maybe I do mean something to someone and you convinced me of that you made me feel so many things I never knew I was capable of I poured … Continue reading This Cold Night


Graffitied heart, you've left your mark My insides are turned out, you've left me without a doubt Confidence now a thing of the past, I don't know how much longer I'll last You still make my heart race, I'm a hopeless case I can't take much more, need to turn back and close this door You … Continue reading Scarred