In Transition

I like working with kids. Or at least most of the time that is. Working with kids always reminds me of how carefree we all start -how nothing much used to matter. Only the trivial things like when we could go to the park and how the most unfair things in life were when your … Continue reading In Transition


New Adventures, or Big Mistakes?

New continent, new city, new adventures...or so I hope. Honestly though I have no idea what to expect. I have an image in my head I suppose but I know the moment I step off the plane (or some time around then) that image will probably be shattered. This is going to be my second … Continue reading New Adventures, or Big Mistakes?


Poetry is just weeping words and drying the tears with paper PaintingĀ is just bleeding out emotion and senses onto a canvas Writing is just life in disguise Theatre is a mask woven tight Sewing is just a projection of an attempt to heal Dancing is just a body taken over by the soul Music is … Continue reading Art

The Tale of a Discarded

I sit with my fingers poised over the keyboard, ready to pour my soul out into the vast web I will start my poem the way true connection start, with the heart I will write the heart wrenching tale of a lost girl in a sea of thoughts so deep she drowned So from her … Continue reading The Tale of a Discarded

I don’t know us

My heart is lonely but my mind is drowning in a sea of emotions If only I saw how beautiful you really are Or maybe if I could have turned a blind eye to your dazzling smile I would have saved myself this heartache that rips at my chest You're like a virus, thoughts of … Continue reading I don’t know us

Out Of Breath by Nathan Pival

"When I met you You took my breath away In retrospect I should have just walked away And started breathing again" -Nathan Pival The simplicity and beauty of these few lines blew me away. The way he captured such pure emotion and truth is something I deeply admire. Hope you guys liked it as much … Continue reading Out Of Breath by Nathan Pival

This Cold Night

My silent screams pierce the brooding night sky Every part of me aches for you For your touch, your softly woven words and the affirmation that maybe I do mean something to someone and you convinced me of that you made me feel so many things I never knew I was capable of I poured … Continue reading This Cold Night