New Adventures, or Big Mistakes?

New continent, new city, new adventures...or so I hope. Honestly though I have no idea what to expect. I have an image in my head I suppose but I know the moment I step off the plane (or some time around then) that image will probably be shattered. This is going to be my second … Continue reading New Adventures, or Big Mistakes?


My journey with dyslexia and the advantages and disadvantages

I think a while back I posted a speech I gave at a convention about learning disabilities, which actually got far more views than I expected. In fact, so many that I wanted to investigate why this was. So I took to google and with a quick google search I found the reason why. There … Continue reading My journey with dyslexia and the advantages and disadvantages

Beliefs and Change

So this was just a short essay I had to write in the space of an hour for my English class. Didn't really proof read or anything so there are probably a lot of  mistakes but I thought I would share it with you anyway 🙂 What I believe  I think the most important thing … Continue reading Beliefs and Change