She Knows

Ink on a page She begins to understand Writing isn't about the big words you use Nor is it about the complex devices It's about clarity It's about the writer as a person It's not about the pen   Suitcase zipped She cries about leaving But she knows Moving isn't about destination It's about new … Continue reading She Knows


With A Drink

With a martini in my hand, i'm ready to take a stand Here's to all those broken truths, the ones you didn't mean to shatter Here's to all the things I shouldn't have said, oh how alcohol makes them run through my head Sometimes what you say just gets too much, words so sweet but … Continue reading With A Drink

Intrusive (my story)

*self harm, depression triggers I used to be the kind of person who wanted, actually no scratch that, needed to know everything. I'm not really sure what triggered me to be like that, I just know that it got to a point where I would use any means I could to figure out a secret. … Continue reading Intrusive (my story)

The Birds and The World

What if the birds know the truth What if the trees and the ground share their inside jokes about humanity The rocks and mountains laugh at us The sun and the moon shake their heads lovingly at the folly of their offspring The oceans tease us with their many mysteries but the birds know this … Continue reading The Birds and The World

Song lyrics deep enough to find a home in your heart

  Such Small Hands by La Dispute I think I saw you in my sleep, darling I think I saw you in my dreams You were stitching up the seams On every broken promise that you're body couldn't keep I think i saw you in my sleep   I thought I heard the door open, … Continue reading Song lyrics deep enough to find a home in your heart


Sometimes we strangle ourselves because we have to There is no way to release the iron grip around your throat Once you're used to it though, it isn't so bad Sure there are some days you will be strangled to a point of not being able to breath and yes, that is the majority of … Continue reading Strangled