I looked in the mirror today and saw someone else I saw you weren’t smiling today, so I didn’t too I got lost in the forest, but the forest was really just my thoughts I thought I leant something new, but nothing is new anymore I wrote a poem today but the poem wasn't from … Continue reading Today



Circles, it's what we are Never perfect and never over We keep going round and round this same track You say I love you and I say I don't know But I never let you go And you never let me know that I'm slowly killing you You look at me with eyes full of … Continue reading Circles

The Tale of a Discarded

I sit with my fingers poised over the keyboard, ready to pour my soul out into the vast web I will start my poem the way true connection start, with the heart I will write the heart wrenching tale of a lost girl in a sea of thoughts so deep she drowned So from her … Continue reading The Tale of a Discarded

Our love

Our love was lost on an early spring morning. In the fresh air we fought. Our voices were carried out across the ocean that we created between us, but the words still never reached the other. But fate is cruel and the world dosen’t seem to believe in fairy tails and happy endings. Otherwise I would … Continue reading Our love

Out Of Breath by Nathan Pival

"When I met you You took my breath away In retrospect I should have just walked away And started breathing again" -Nathan Pival The simplicity and beauty of these few lines blew me away. The way he captured such pure emotion and truth is something I deeply admire. Hope you guys liked it as much … Continue reading Out Of Breath by Nathan Pival

This Cold Night

My silent screams pierce the brooding night sky Every part of me aches for you For your touch, your softly woven words and the affirmation that maybe I do mean something to someone and you convinced me of that you made me feel so many things I never knew I was capable of I poured … Continue reading This Cold Night

Thought of the Day #4

I was sitting up in my school library today when a thought came to me. Or more a question rather. Are you your own person or is everyone just little bits of everyone else? I personally, believe the latter. Just the clarify, I consider "person" to be personality in this case. Looking into the science … Continue reading Thought of the Day #4