Poetry is just weeping words and drying the tears with paper PaintingĀ is just bleeding out emotion and senses onto a canvas Writing is just life in disguise Theatre is a mask woven tight Sewing is just a projection of an attempt to heal Dancing is just a body taken over by the soul Music is … Continue reading Art

Lucky by Tony Hoagland (Summary, Analysis and Review)

Lucky is a poem written by Tony Hoagland, an American author. I just read this poem and found it really quite clever so I thought I would write my thoughts about it here. I often get that with books or poems where I read them and then am left so full of thoughts and feelings … Continue reading Lucky by Tony Hoagland (Summary, Analysis and Review)

Thought of the day #3

"Who sees the human face correctly: the photographer, the mirror, or the painter?"-Pablo Picasso This is a really interesting thought to me as it really got me thinking about reality versus imagination. It's really quite incredible how we see things different to reality just by the way we feel or think. All three of these … Continue reading Thought of the day #3