Some Of My Best Work

Well I decided to do the dreaded and take a look at my page again. This is something that I try and avoid doing at all costs since I know very well that I’ll find a total mess. Now that my blog is starting to grow a bit more though I think it’s due time I do something about that. So here I give you, this page in which you can find my favourite works that have started to get lost down my blog. Hope you enjoy 🙂



Poetry -A short sad piece about suicide and depression

Seasons -A piece about the seasons changing, sad tone

The Choice -A little poem about uncertainty in a relationship

Thoughts -Poem about the power of the mind told through the story of a girl

Free Verse:

I’m Scared -Story of a girl who is scared and confused, all through the sense of sight

Endings -Short poem mostly just stirring together words to show the contrast of harsh reality and blissfully drifting (not quite sure how to summarise this one)

Drugged By The Music (a beat and a soul) -This one is a little different from my usual work, not quite sure if it belongs under poetry but I still am quite happy with it so I thought I would include it.

I don’t know us -Aching post about love

Happy Things -Pretty much the only happy poem you’ll find on my blog

Hunger and Words – Poem about forgivness

Random Thoughts

Book World -Some thoughts on books

Thought of the day #3 -This one is not so much here because it’s my best writing but more just cause I think it’s a really interesting topic, the way we view ourselves.

We Are All Human, We Are All Flawed -A speech I gave for an English assignment, title is pretty self explanatory.

Realisations -Short post about the feeling when something goes wrong

Where is home? -Post about where I think home really is

Imagination and Horror Movies -post about what intrigues me to them and judgments people make.

Post About Myself

(not sure why these would interest you but thought I might as well throw them in as well in case any of you get really that bored)

From Friends to More,to Less,to Friends -A VERY long post about this guy and how he affected my life

Writing and Speaking -This could kind of go in the thoughts section as well I guess, it’s just about writing and speaking and which I think I’m better at

My Childhood (a summary) -Yup the title says it all

The Story Of My First Real Love – Again, the title is pretty self explanatory

Let’s Talk -In case you want to get in touch with me, feel free 🙂

So there you have it, I think for the most part that sums up my blog and work. I’ll try and keep this page as updated as possible. I hope you were able to find something of interest to read here. Thank you so much for stopping by, honestly I never expected people to actually want to read anything I have to write and just knowing now that maybe you guys do is really quite amazing.

Have a nice day!

-xoxo Sophie