So this Summer I’ve been doing a two week program to learn how to be a certified camp counsellor. Currently I’ve just cracked into week two. Honestly, the idea of being a camp counsellor doesn’t particularly seem all too thrilling to me, but as far as jobs go, I figure being nice to kids who don’t know better is easier than being nice to grown ups who have inferiority complexes. And being alone doesn’t sound too great either. Jobs perspective aside, the main reason I’m doing this is to get to know some people and pretty much just have something to do until school starts back up again. It is exceptionally tough to find a summer camp for teens in August. There were a few sports ones, but I’m not all that sporty. Plus, as far as camps go, I figure my time would be best spent helping myself along in getting a job and meeting people with a similar mind-set. Although that isn’t to say I wouldn’t jump at a chance to do one of those cool toughening up camps. Cause I totally would.

So although they advertise the camp as learning, we’re basically just getting read passages from the camps rules guide and basically being counsellors who just don’t get paid. There are a handful of other kids doing this program with me who are all around my age. One guy and then all girls. Surprisingly though we don’t actually get to see much of the other “trainees” though since we all get assigned a different group to work in. So we spend maybe 45% with the others in our program and then 55% of the time with the other counsellors in the group we got assigned to.

Now, I got lucky with the group I was assigned to. I got the orange group. And the kids in my group are pretty tame and the other counsellors nice, although quite a bit older than me. The days are pretty mundane, just listening and then watching kids, occasionally playing tag or pushing them on the swings.

Overall the camps been alright so far, but there are definitely a few things I want to write about after this weeks over and I’ve had some time to think things through. So stay tuned!

As ever, I hope everyone is doing alright and having a good day!



4 thoughts on “Camp

  1. Pretty keen to hear about your experience. I did my training at a summer camp in June, I worked a little till July and man, was it an experience, both good and bad. I’m back home now, back at school, and I find myself missing camp life. Life seemed better at camp. Your only worries are your right now, there’s no time to think about yourself and your world, only time to think for the kids and counsellors around you. I sort of miss being taken away from reality.


  2. Glad you’re doing something to bide your time instead of watching the sun go by. 😉. That’s cool working with kids, who knows, it may teach you something about yourself because in every event in life, there can be a lesson pulled out. Have fun at camp and make the most out of the mundane because I’m sure the kids are there to have fun, so why don’t you. 🙂


  3. That’s really cool. I was a camp counselor a couple of times, as the license is not necessary where I live. Although my reign was a reign of terror and surprise jump-scares just as it was a reign of passion. Shame I can’t do it anymore… Good luck.


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