With A Drink

With a martini in my hand, i’m ready to take a stand

Here’s to all those broken truths, the ones you didn’t mean to shatter

Here’s to all the things I shouldn’t have said, oh how alcohol makes them run through my head

Sometimes what you say just gets too much, words so sweet but so manptliative

I didn’t mean to make quiver, now every time I think of you I can’t help but shiver


Now with a cup of tea on my lips, the sweet remedy to cleanse my wrong doing

I’ll do anything to believe, I wasn’t the one who made you get up and leave

Softer this time, I imagine a place for my head to lay to rest

A place so divine, for you my lost one I’ll even build a shrine

My life has become a weathered book, so raise your cup those who decay

Tales drawn taught and old, stories which should never have been told

Mine now in the section of those who’ve wronged in a position with no right

I stand before you and and I’ll tell you my story, I warn you though there isn’t much glory


Yet can I trust you my strangers?

For if even a friend who is in the right betrays you, how can I know who to look up to

Who will watch me make mistakes that I must and stand by my side

Yes, those who understand the must, will be those who are capable of trust

In a world so full of words it’s hard to find the right ones to tell you the simple message of my emotion

I regret what I’ve done, no question to this notion

But pick myself up I must

So raise your glass all you wrong doers, who know the only way out is through your own personal sewers.





4 thoughts on “With A Drink

    • Yes, I agree. There are definitely many other better way to deal with issues such as these than with a drink. This poem was fictitious though, loosely based on a book character. Thank you for caring though šŸ™‚


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