243418-SepikThose who have inspiration are lucky. Yet those who know what their inspiration is and how to tap into the infinite resource of it within each of us, are the luckiest. I believe that in all of us is an inspiration which won’t run out. We just so often don’t know how to reach it, or can only find small keyholes into it ever so often. Evidently those who have come the closest to finding their true store of inspiration are most likely the writers, artists and musicians among us. Although that does not mean limited to those.

I myself often find it so hard to find inspiration without a trigger. Being inspired without an event even having to occur seems like such a talent. A talent though that must take hard work, for I image the brains of those who are able, are probably among the strongest. Though I say I need a trigger, I’m still not too sure of what my inspiration really is or where it comes from. I could probably give a few examples which I can pin down as plausible answers, yet I hesitate from doing that. I think some part of me believes that if I tried to give a name to my inspiration then I would jinx it. I would scare it a way in a sense I suppose. I of course know literally, and probably¬†metaphorically, this is far from the truth and if that were to happen it would be my own doing- yet a part of me still clings to that idea and to be perfectly honest I’m not ready to take the risk yet. Although then again writing this post in and of itself going by that logic is probably a tabooed risk.

I have a great deal of appreciation for those who can find inspiration in the little things. Things like flowers, or ripples in the water. I could most definitely write a poem using those sights, yet I don’t think it would be real poetry. To me inspiration is something which comes in quite random bursts and not something I can fully force upon my mind. Maybe to some extent I can, since at times I have been given pretty strict rules for school writing assignments and been able to produce something i’ve quite liked that’s flown pretty easily. What I wonder though, is if it is possible to create a masterpiece without inspiration? Or, even if you don’t recognise it, is it always lurking somewhere?

Just some food for thought I suppose. Hope everyone is having a nice day! Also it’s mothers day over where I am, so happy mothers day to all your brave moms!


2 thoughts on “Inspiration

  1. Awesome post! I too wish I didn’t need something to make inspiration flow out of me. I could only imagine how much I could do if I didn’t have to constantly push myself to be inspired. Music is my constant go to for this. The beat or lyrics inspire me to paint. Lorde and Foster the people are really doing it for me right now.

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    • That’s so cool that music can help you that way! I myself play the piano but I find it’s more just for fun rather than to give me any inspiration. I do love to listen to it though, I love bands like Maroon 5 and signers like Katy Perry.


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