Intelligence…and what does this say?

I remember once, in one of my “well being” classes, our teacher gave us the task of coming up with our own definition for what we think intelligence is. We weren’t allowed to use the internet but in the least amount of words possible we had to come up with our own answer.

A few kids said things like “having a lot of knowledge” and a few off handed jokes but no one really said anything which seemed to strike meaning or truth with my teacher. Until a boy in my class said that it’s the ability to be quick. Then a thought occurred to me, so I raised my hand and said that it is the ability to understand. Our teachers eyes literally lit up (he was a pretty enthusiastic guy) and he pointed at me and the guy who had answered just before me. He then exclaimed “if I merged your two brains together we would have the answer”. Yes…he was a bit of an odd guy, one of the best teachers I’ve had though.

Of course I felt a sense of pride about having found, albeit it only half, the answer. Yet it wouldn’t be until two years later that it would come back to me, only with a nice little accompanying detail I had over looked in the time. The two of us who had come up with the definition of what intelligence is, are the only two people in my class who have learning disabilities. I find that pretty interesting that out of the 20+ kids, the very two who have brains which so often are considered “less intelligent” are the ones who knew most comprehensively what intelligence is. Or at least were able to come up with an answer that pleased our PHD holding teacher.

I don’t think conclusion can quite be drawn from this, although I do find it quite interesting and quite ironic. I wonder if this perhaps says something about how once you are singled out as not having something, you suddenly understand it much more than those who take it for granted and perhaps don’t even really give it a second thought. Although if our definition of intelligence is true, then they should be able to define and understand this no? Little bit of a paradox. I do think this says something though, I’m just not too sure what.


6 thoughts on “Intelligence…and what does this say?

  1. First off, I feel like by reading this I would have never known you had a “learning disability”. Your writing is fluid and beautiful. Maybe it’s because I don’t know what your learning disability is. But just because some made up system says you have a learning disability doesn’t mean you can’t learn. In fact, I was told in elementary school that I had a learning disability and that I would be behind the curve in reading. Which was true because I have dyslexia, however I excelled greatly in math. So maybe the “systematic” learning you don’t get, probably because you don’t like the subjects (who does?), but I bet if there is something that you love, what you want to do, you’d be the best at. 💜🙏🏼

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    • I just read your other posts! Haha maybe I should have done that before jumping into a comment… well hello fellow dyslexic person! Mines not “severe” but enough people can notice, and see. And your last post, I’m glad it doesn’t get you down because the advantages WAY out way the disadvantages. I’m 26 now and have taken some time to find my own way, but when I put my mind to it, anything is possible and I think being dyslexic helps me get brought life. I couldn’t image my life being “normal” because honestly I think I have more of an advantage in mathematical, philosophical and psychological so now I’m pursuing those. Unlike you however English and humanities I suck at 😅 just because I mix words up which mixes up my comprehension.

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      • Haha don’t worry about it, it was very sweet of you and even sweeter to take the time to read my other post. It’s really cool to hear about how dyslexia can benefit different people. I always did find it slightly odd that I was so bad at maths yet good at english even though that’s often the area dyslexia affects people. I totally get what you mean about mixing up words. When I get really excited about something, I sometimes try and talk to fast and everything comes out in the wrong order, or I’ll over plan what I’m trying to say and the same thing happens. It’s always interesting to hear about how we end up on our different paths. Good luck!

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        • Yes I do the same with over planning what I want to say 😂 I feel like I’ve gotten a little better as I learn more though. In high school it was bad planning out my words, now it flows a little better – but I still stutter sometimes when I get angry, so I think that replaced the over planning for me lol

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