Thoughts on Being In High School

Having been the new girl a fair amount of times, I know how completely stressful and alienating it can be. Especially in large schools where no one is really fully self-assured. How can you be when your in high school? The peak years of learning, discovery and finding your place. Trying to balance all of … Continue reading Thoughts on Being In High School


An Update

Soo something's a little different now... Nope wasn't referring to my month long absence. Any other guesses? No? Yeah didn't think you'd notice. Or particularly care. Well too bad, cause I do. So yeah, I changed my username to justcallmesophiee. Now you probably thinking, why the two e's? Well to be frank there is no … Continue reading An Update

In Transition

I like working with kids. Or at least most of the time that is. Working with kids always reminds me of how carefree we all start -how nothing much used to matter. Only the trivial things like when we could go to the park and how the most unfair things in life were when your … Continue reading In Transition

He loves me, He loves me not

The way you make me feel every indescribably spectacular feeling That constant morose ache in my chest The dazed smile that appears on its own accord My eyes full of yearning and pain The way I feel light yet heavy with fulfillment Those feelings I can't shake, that continue to bite The way I never … Continue reading He loves me, He loves me not

The Newspaper

A fair assumption one can make from reading my blog is that I enjoy the English language. Hmm... that sentence doesn't really sound all that natural. I enjoy utilizing the tools of the English language to convey a message and use it to gather new information? Nope, that really doesn't sound any better. That actually … Continue reading The Newspaper